Correspondence Chess at EvoChess

Correspondence chess is traditionally played though the postal service, but is now almost exclusively played on chess servers, such as EvoChess.

What makes correspondence chess unique is the time controls. Live or over-the-board chess will conclude in one session, but when playing correspondence style chess, the agreed time controls are measured in days (as a result, correspondence chess is called daily chess at EvoChess). The extended time controls are therefore more suitable to an extended leisurely game, permitting the player to move just when time is available, and removes the requirement to remain online throughout a game.

When it is your turn to move you will receive an email notification. You can then visit EvoChess and respond.

Each move resets the clock back to the agreed time per move. Failure to move in within the agreed time controls can result in your opponent claiming a 'timeout', which will award them the win.

All chess variants can be played as daily/correspondence style games as well as in a live format at EvoChess.

How do I play Correspondence Chess

Challenge a player

The simplest way to start a game is to find an active player and challenge them directly. You can initiate a challenge when viewing a player's profile or from the player directory.

Open Invites

To offer a game to the EvoChess community you can create an 'Open Onvite'. Any other player can accept your offer, indicating that they agree to the offered time controls.

Play a Friend

If you have a friend you would like to play, even if they are not a player already at EvoChess, then you can create a 'Fiend invite'. A link to a game is created which you can post on a messaging app, social media or an email. If your friend uses the link (and creates an account, if required) they will begin the game right away.