How to play
Vivarta Chess

Pieces transform into a different piece on every move.

The Sanskrit word Vivarta Chess

The rules are simple - every piece other than the King automatically transforms into a different piece each time it moves.

Note : This variant is under development and rules may change going forward.

This variant is played from the standard starting position of Standard Chess/img/chesspieces/svgwiki/wP.svg

A Knight transforms into a Bishop after every move.


A Bishop transforms into a Rook after every move.


A Rook transforms into a Queen after every move.


A Queen transforms into a Pawn on every move except when moving to the first and eighth rank, where no transformation takes place.

King are unable to transform and remain as Kings throughout a game.

Pawn Promotion

There is no Pawn Promotion when playing Vivarta Chess.


There is no Castling when playing Vivarta Chess.

En Passant

There is no En Passant when playing Vivarta Chess.Check and Checkmate rules remain the same as Standard ChessStalemate conditions remain the same as Standard ChessDraw conditions remain the same as Standard ChessWinning conditions remain the same as Standard Chess


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