How to play

The original persian chess game from which modern chess evolved.

Shatranj is the game from which modern chess is derived.

Starting Position

Elephants replace Bishops, and the General replaces the Queen.
Board is interactive - make a move

Moves of the Pieces

Pawns cannot advance two squares on their first movement.


The General has very limited movement, and can only move diagonally one square.

The General is limited to one square diagonally only.
Board is interactive - make a move

Elephants move diagonally two squares, leaping the first square.

The Elephant moves diagonally and can leap pieces like a Knight.
Board is interactive - make a move

Pawn Promotion

Pawns promote only to Generals.

Pawns can only promote to Generals.
Board is interactive - make a move


There is no Castling when playing Shatranj.

En Passant

There is no En Passant when playing Shatranj.Check and Checkmate rules remain the same as Standard Chess


Stalemate results in a win, not a draw

Shatranj can be won by capturing all opponent pieces, so if the King is bare, it is win.

But, if on the next move, a capture can be made that results in both Kings being bare, then the game is a draw.

Despite being a bare King, White can capture the remaining black Rook to force a draw.
Board is interactive - make a move
Stalemate is a win as well as checkmate. Also, capturing all of an opponent's pieces and leaving the King bare is a win. ( With one expcetion, see


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