How to play
Racing Kings

The kings must race to the other side of the board.

The aim of the game is not to checkmate your opponent, but to get your kings to the 8th Rank first. In fact, moving in to check or checking your opponents King is illegal in Racing KingsRacing Kings is played with no Pawns and both colors starting from the same side of the board.
Moving the king to either D4, D5, E4 or E5 will result in a win.
Board is interactive - make a move
The moves of the pieces remains the same as Standard Chess

Check and Checkmate

To complicate a Kings advance, moving into check is illegal, as is checking your opponent.


If white successfully moves their King to the 8th rank, but is subsequently followed by Black doing the very same on their next move, the game is drawn.

This reduces the advantage white has by starting first.


Moving your King to the 8th rank will win the game, subject to the draw rules above.

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