How to play
Los Alamos

Play the first chess-like game played on a computer! A reduced size board and piece set.


Famously, Los Alamos Chess was the first chess-like game played by a computer. Due to computer processing limitations at the time, the Los Alamos National Laboratory where the game originates and takes its name, reduced the complexity of the game by playing on 6 x 6 board and removing the bishops.

How to play Los Alamos Chess

Starting Position

The color of the starting squares for the Queen are the reverse of Standard Chess due to the reduced board size and the missing Bishops.

Losing the Bishops and reducing the board size simplifies the game.
Board is interactive - make a move

Moves of the Pieces

The pawns cannot advance two sqaures on their initial move.

Pawn Promotion

Pawns can not promote to Bishops.


There is no Castling when playing Los Alamos.

En Passant

There is no En Passant when playing Los Alamos.
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