How to play
Extinction Chess

Remove all of your opponent's pieces of the same species to win.


The object in Extinction Chess is to win by capturing pieces of the same type making that “species” extinct.

As the aim of the game is not checkmate, the King holds no special status in this variant and can be captured. There can even be multiple on the board at once!

This variant is played from the standard starting position of Standard ChessThe moves of the pieces remains the same as Standard Chess

Pawn Promotion

Pawns can promoted to any piece (other than a pawn!) including a King.

Promoted Pawns are no longer considered Pawns. Promoting every pawn would result in their extinction losing the game.

White can optionally promote to a King on the next move!
Board is interactive - make a move


Castling rules remain the same, but the King can castle through check or when in check.

Castling out of check and through check is prohibited.
Board is interactive - make a move
En passant rules remains the same as Standard Chess

Check and Checkmate

There is no Check and Checkmate when playing Extinction Chess.

The King has no special value and can even be captured.

The White pawn can capture the black King to win this game.
Board is interactive - make a move


There is no Stalemate when playing Extinction Chess.


Extinction chess is won by capturing all pieces of a single type from the board. This includes any promoted pieces of a type too.

Therefore, you win by capturing any of the following - all of your opponent's Kings, Queens, Rook, Bishops, Knights or Pawns. If your opponent promotes their last pawn, you win too.

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