How to play
Crazy House

Similar to Bughouse chess, but for two playerProfiles. Captured pieces are dropped back on to the board.

Crazy House rules are the same as Standard ChessThis variant is played from the standard starting position of Standard ChessPieces move as in Standard Chess
White can drop captured pieces on to the board rather than making a regular move.
Board is interactive - make a move


As a piece is captured it flips color before being kept in a pocked for a drop on a subsequent move.

Captured promoted Pawns are added to the pockets as Pawns , not the promoted piece.


Captured pieces can be dropped on to the board instead of making a regular move.

Dropping a piece that would give checkmate immediately is permitted, as is dropping a piece to block what would otherwise be checkmate.

Pawns cannot be dropped on the 1st or 8th rank.

Pawn Promotion

Dropped pawns on the 2nd and 7th ranks can make a double movement on their next move.


A dropped rook cannot castle.

En passant rules remains the same as Standard Chess

Check and Checkmate

A piece drops can give checkmate, as shown below.

White can drop a Knight on F6 to mate.
Board is interactive - make a move
Stalemate conditions remain the same as Standard ChessDraw conditions remain the same as Standard ChessWinning conditions remain the same as Standard Chess

Also Known As

Drop ChessMad ChessReinforcement ChessTurnabout ChessSchizo-Chess
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