How to play

Lose all your pieces to win.


The objective of Antichess, (also known as 'Losing Chess') is to give away all your pieces before your opponent is able to. Sounds easy? Well, capturing your opponent's pieces are mandatory whenever possible often leading to chain of captures.

Starting Position

This variant is played from the standard starting position of Standard Chess.

Moves of the Pieces

Standard Chess rules apply, other than a capture must take place whenever presented to you. If multiple captures are available, then you the player can choose which they prefer.

This King has no special value, and can even be captured in Antichess

The Bishop on F6 must capture the black King.
Board is interactive - make a move

Pawn Promotion

In addition to a Queen, Rook, Knight or Bishop, you can also promote a Pawn to a King.


There is no Castling when playing Antichess.

En Passant

En passant rules remains the same as Standard Chess.

Check and Checkmate

Check and Checkmate are not applicable to Antichess and the King has no special significance.


Although there is no Checkmate in Antichess, if you are Stalemated, you win.


Lose all your pieces or find yourself in Stalemate to win.

Also Known As

Suicide ChessLosing ChessGiveaway ChessKiller ChessMust-Kill ChessTake-All ChessCapture ChessLosums Chess
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